The SAFTS tarmac/parking space, flight school, ground school, maintenance setup, technical store, fuel store and battery shop are all co-located in a 20,000 square feet allotted space. The SAFTS tarmac caters for 7-8 aircraft. The parking shed has a space for 4 aircraft along with a maintenance and service area. It is served with 2 container based accommodation which provides facilities for the flight school, engineering support elements, field workshop and a technical store.

SAFTS Ground School has been developed in the immediate proximity of the parking shed, in an open space of 10,000 square feet. The ground school is designed by professional architects and provides state of the art training facilities. The ground school building provides a complete infrastructure for classroom, operations room, library, student

s lounge, cafeteria and restrooms, management and executive offices.

SAFTS infrastructure features the following:


The classroom has a capacity of 40-50 students. It has been appropriately furnished and provides training facilities of audiovisual projection system, boards, maps and charts etc.


An operations room having a capacity of 20-30 students has been developed and appropriately furnished with the requisite maps, charts and operating information for flight planning and pre and post flight operational briefing.


A library, having a capacity of over 1200 books has been established. It is stocked with all relevant books, manuals and training materials for the planned courses. It also has a section of subscribed aviation magazines.


SAFTS caters for students comfort, entertainment and refreshments during training and provides neatly laid out and well managed cafeteria, prayer area and rest rooms.


SAFTS provides a well furnished and efficiently managed hostel accommodation for outstation students. The hostel accommodation caters for the living and dining requirements for 20 students. The hostel management ensures functional efficiency sensitive to students training routine.


SAFTS provide a safe and secure living and working environment for the students and faculty. The premises are guarded by trained personal round the clock closely over watched by the management.




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