Flying training will be conducted on:

1. Cessna 162 Sky Catcher
2.  Cessna 172 Sky Hawk

Objective: Train student pilots to acquire desired flying skills and knowledge compatible to the standards specified by Shaheen Air International and CAA for grant of Private Pilot.





Integrated Course (within 4 months)

a. General Flying  30 hrs Circuit and landing, X-country
b. Solo Flying 10 hrs Including 5 hours X-country with two full stop landings

Total 40 hrs  

Modular Course (more than 6 months)

a. General Flying  40 hrs Circuit and landing, X-country
b. Solo Flying  10 hrs Including 5 hours X-country with two full stop landings

Total 50 hrs




FLYING TRAINING SYLLABUS Integrated Course (within 8 months)

a. General Flying 30 Hrs    
b. Pilot in Command 45 Hrs      
c. X-country 20 Hrs Including 2 full stop landings
d. Instrument Flying 10 Hrs Including 5 take off and 5 landings
e. Night Flying 05 Hrs      

Total 110 Hrs


Modular Course (more than 8 months)

a. General Flying 70 Hrs      
b. Pilot in Command 45 Hrs      
c. X-country 20 Hrs Including 2 full stop landings
d. Instrument Flying 10 Hrs Including 5 take off and 5 landings
e. Night Flying 05 Hrs  

Total 150 Hrs




Instrument rating course will be conducted on Cessna 172S equipped with G-1000 avionic system.

a. General Flying 10 Hrs
b. Instrument Patterns 10 Hrs
c. Navigations 10 Hrs
d. Instrument approaches 10 Hrs

Total 40 Hrs




  1. Flying Training will commence with the initial process of Student Pilot License (SPL). The prerequisites of the SPL comprise Flight Radio Telephony Operations Course, English Language and Aircraft Technical Knowledge Test.
  2. Training will be conducted in three phases i.e.
    • Ground Training Phase,
    • PPL Phase
    • CPL/IR Phase.
  3. Flying Training will be conducted as per the training syllabus given in the SAFTS Operational Manual and CAA orders.
  4. Student pilots successfully clearing the PPL portion and obtaining the PPL license shall be eligible for the CPL/ IR course.

Pilots and Flight Operations Officers

Flight operation officer course and ground training of pilots will be jointly conducted.
Ground training of pilots will precede the flying training.
Students will be taught following subjects:-

  1. Aircraft General Knowledge
  2. Principles of Flight
  3. Air Law
  4. ATC Procedures
  5. Operational Procedures
  6. Meteorology
  7. Flight Planning
  8. Performance
  9. Human Performance and Behavior
  10. Mass & Balance
  11. General Navigation
  12. Radio Navigation
  13. VFR & IFR Communication
  14. Instrumentation
  15. Instrument Procedures
  16. Flight Radio Telephony Operations.


  1. Each student will be issued the subject books and a flight computer.
  2. Students will be given extensive practice through reported test and each subject as per the pattern of CAA Question bank
  3. Students will be given a final test in all the subjects at the end of the ground training to assess a level of knowledge acquired and suitability for appearance in CAA technical examination.
  4. A system of student feedback shall be kept open to identify week areas.
  5. Copies of training material, lectures, instructors’ lesson plans and weekly training programs will be emailed to students on required basis.
  6. Students will appear in six papers in CAA technical examination at the end of the ground training to qualify for PPL and eight papers to qualify for the CPL.
  7. Students successfully clearing the PPL technical examination and obtaining the license shall be eligible for the CPL course.


The course fee structure will include following components:-

a. Registration Fee Rs.2500
b. Security (refundable) Rs.200,000
c. Membership fee Rs.5000
d. Ground training tuition fee Rs.250,000 in 3 monthly installments
e. Admission Fee Rs.15000
f. Books and manuals As per actual cost

Flying training
i.  Cessna 162 Sky Catcher
ii. Cessna 172 Sky Hawk

Rs.16,000 per hour
Rs.19,500 per hour
  • Fee schedule will be issued before the commencement of flying.

  • CAA examination fee for the technical exam as per the CAA notification is Rs 1500 per paper (comprising two subjects).

  • Non-payment of dues by specified dates may result in discontinuation of the course.




  1. Registration of courses is open.
  2. Registered students will be given an entry test and interview.
  3. Selected students will be referred for CAA medical examination.
  4. Medical examination will be conducted by CAA authorized medical examiner, Islamabad.
  5. Applicants on clearing the medical exam will submit the medical certificate to the academy.
  6. Applicants will be placed on the SAFTS merit list
  7. The course list will be finalized strictly on merit.


  1. CAA orders and instructions on security will be binding on the all members.
  2. Students shall obtain police verifications within 3 weeks of the commencement of the course for preparation of entry pass.
  3. Students will be issued entry pass after police verification.
  4. Display of entry pass in the work place will be mandatory for all members.
  5. Display of airport entry cards will be mandatory for flying.

Discipline and Conduct

  1. Students will be required to maintain a high quality of discipline and conduct during the course.
  2. Misconduct and indiscipline shall be punishable through levying of fine or termination from the course depending on the severity of the offense.
  3. Smoking in the class room and corridors shall be strictly prohibited.

Dress Code

  1. Students shall wear the course specified uniform on all working days less Fridays.
  2. You may be appropriately dressed (non-uniform) on Fridays.
  3. Course specified uniform shall be mandatory for flying days.

Tea/ Refreshment

  1. Arrangements for tea/refreshment will be made on non-profit basis and the expense will be charged through monthly bills.
  2. Clearance of bills shall be mandatory by 10th of each month.

Dissemination of Information

  1. Students should maintain valid email addresses to receive training materials and routine information.
  2. All students related notices/information shall be posted on the Academy notice board.
  3. Any changes in the email contact or addresses shall be intimated to SAFTS management.
  4. Ignorance of posted information on the notice board/email shall not be accepted.



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