The Pilots Operating Handbook (POH) in the airplane at the time of delivery from Cessna Aircraft Company contains information applicable to the Model 162 airplanes by serial number and registration number shown on the Title Page. This POH is applicable to Model 162 airplanes, Serials 16200001 and On, equipped with Garmin G300 Integrated Cockpit System. All information is based on data available at the time of publication.

This POH consists of ten sections that cover all operational aspects of a standard equipped airplane. Section 10 contains the supplements which provide amended operating limitations, operating procedures, performance data and other necessary information for airplanes

conducting special operations for both standard and optional equipment installed in the airplane.

Supplements are individual documents, and may be issued or revised without regard to revision dates which apply to the POH itself. These supplements contain a Log of Effective Pages, which should be used to determine the status of each supplement.



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